George Hill Hunts Bear, Shares Jerky with Cavaliers

George Hill isn't a country boy by birth, but the Indianapolis native has become an avid outdoorsman over the course of his 11-year NBA career. The current Cleveland Cavaliers guard took up hunting during his time with the San Antonio Spurs, and hasn't been shy to share the fruits of his hobby with anyone who's willing to try them.

The latest in George's line: jerky made from a black bear he shot in New Mexico this summer. Larry Nance Jr. has sampled it. So has The Athletic's Joe Vardon, who wrote that it "tasted like chicken (no, it didn’t, and my hands smelled until I could wash them)."

Not everyone in the Cavs' locker room was amenable to George's snack. Head coach Tyronn Lue and second-year forward Cedi Osman, who is Muslim, both reportedly refused.

“You were trying to find out what’s in it because of all your religion rules,” George told Cedi, per The Athletic. “I get that, but ain’t none of your religious stuff in this.”

As for which parts of the bear wound up in the jerky, George decided to keep those details under wraps. Until he reveals his secrets, don't expect to see his jerky on supermarket shelves any time soon.