NBA Academy Africa Expands into Senegal with New Facility

The NBA is opening a brand-new elite basketball training facility—almost 4,000 miles away from the league’s nearest home court. In an on-site ceremony and official release, the NBA announced the opening of its latest academy in Saly, Senegal.

The new facility features two indoor courts, an activity center and weight room, as well as conference rooms, dormitories and educational facilities. Additionally, it boasts an eco-friendly structure made up of repurposed shipping containers and large-span steel trusses and fabric roofing.

The purpose of the new facility? To function as the “primary training location for NBA Academy Africa prospects from across the continent.”

In partnership with the non-profit SEED Project (Sports for Education and Economic Development), NBA Academy Africa focuses on connecting youth with academic, athletic and leadership programs for both top male and female prospects.

Monday’s ceremony was attended by a slew of luminaries, from local officials to league affiliates, notably NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum and NBA Africa Vice President and Managing Director Amadou Gallo Fall, to former NBA and WNBA players, including Shareef-Abdur Rahim (U.S.), DeSagana Diop (Senegal) and Astou Ndiaye-Diatta (Senegal).

“We are thrilled to open this world class new venue in Saly for NBA Academy Africa prospects,” Fall said. “This facility will provide aspiring players from across the continent with state-of-the-art courts and training equipment, under the tutelage of our NBA coaches and our world class academic staff. This facility, and the enabling environment around it, will help uphold our commitment to a holistic approach to player development, and providing our elite African student-athletes with the tools to succeed on and off the court.”


Magdalena Munao is a Multimedia Producer for CloseUp360. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.